29 essential items to optimising your YouTube channel and increasing your views

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“Small changes + consistency + time = significant results
The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy (2008)

With all the mystery around YouTube’s algorithm, looking to master it can be a daunting thought — especially if you’re a new music artist. The truth is, it’s lot’s of small changes that help bring your channel to where it needs to be.

Having worked on multiple YouTube Offical Artist channels with music labels over the last few years, I’ve created this checklist to help independent musicians achieve the same results as major…

She personally thanked fans with the help of tech

Marketing the Taylor Swift Folklore Album
Marketing the Taylor Swift Folklore Album
Credit: Taylor Swift

Dropping her latest album Folklore, released on July 24th, Taylor Swift broke several chart records within its first week.

Though from the outside it looked very organic, almost accidental, a closer look reveals Swift and her team at Republic Records used multiple tactics and strategies to maximise the impact of the launch.

There’s plenty to learn, so let’s dive in.

1. Created Drama and Surprise

“There was no outside influence at all. In fact, nobody knew, including her label, until hours before it was launched.”
Aaron Dessner — via Pitchfork

If Republic Records only found about this a few hours before I’d be very surprised…

Smarter metadata, better rights management, and the right tools

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“If your audience isn’t listening, it’s not their fault. It’s yours.” — Seth Godin

In 2017, I started working for the Christian music group Hillsong Worship. My first project: to help develop and grow the Hillsong Worship YouTube channel.

Over the next three years, we grew the channel 3,000%, from 130,000 subscribers to over five million. At the time of writing, the channel sits at 5.7 million subscribers, making it the second-largest Christian artist on YouTube.

I’ve read hundreds of blogs, with every hack and growth strategy, and there’s a lot of false promises out there. What I want to…

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